How To Practise Mindful Driving and Concentrate on the Road

Toronto lawyers explain what drivers can do to avoid a car accident.

A lot can happen fast on the road, especially in Greater Toronto. For example, drivers often change lanes without warning on the Gardiner Expressway or the Don Valley Parkway. Other times, motorists might need to deal with speeding drivers weaving in and out of traffic and collector lanes on the 401.

With so much happening on the road, serious car accidents often occur due to distracted driving. That’s why you must do everything you can to avoid a collision. This includes staying focused on the road at all times. That’s why many traffic safety advocates advise practising “mindful driving.”

What is mindful driving? How can drivers learn to do this on the road? How common are distracted driving accidents in Ontario? Several writers recently offered their advice in an article published by The Globe & Mail.

What is mindful driving?

As the term suggests, mindful driving involves avoiding distractions and staying focused behind the wheel. This might sound simple. But many drivers need help with concentrating simply on driving. Drivers also often have difficulty staying focused due to concerns about other distracted drivers on the road, according to recent polls cited in The Globe & Mail article.

“Studies have found that when a driver’s mind is focused on something other than driving – a daydream, a worry, a text, a video, or a phone conversation – the driver’s brain may not react to what the eyes detect on the road ahead,” according to The Globe & Mail.

What can drivers do to concentrate on the road?

So, how can drivers be more mindful? What can they do to stay focused on the road? Suggestions for improving cautious driving include:

  • Get a good night’s sleep if you take an extended driving trip the next day. Tired drivers often fall asleep at the wheel and cause a collision.
  • When you buckle yourself in, make a promise to be more mindful (distraction-free) while driving.
  • Put your phone on silent mode while driving.
  • Put your phone out of sight and out of reach while driving.
  • When you stop at a traffic light, take a deep breath instead of grabbing your phone.
  • Tell any passengers in your car that you are practising mindful driving.

These are just a few suggestions for staying focused while driving so you can remain alert and concentrate on what’s happening on the road.

How common are distracted driving accidents?

Even if you do your part to stay focused while driving, distracted driving accidents will still occur. Distracted drivers cause an estimated 21 percent of fatal car accidents in Canada, according to the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP). They’re also 3.6 times more likely to be involved in a crash.

In addition, 47 percent of drivers in Canada admitted to texting while driving, according to the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA). This might explain why drivers fear texting drivers more than any other threat on the road.

Other drivers should be scared of distracted drivers. When someone reads or sends a text, they take their eyes off the road for an average of 5 seconds, according to the CAA. That means if someone’s driving 90 km/h and looking at their phone, they’re driving blind for the length of an entire football field.

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